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The Story So far

November 2003

Even though the guns have been silent for such a long time, with the victory being that of the EUSF in the summer months. Many commanders from both factions have been enjoying the long deserved break from the carnage of battle.

Other world events that have shattered the UN high command left the UN reeling back into financial turmoil as the banking systems that have failed due to a viral breakout upon the internet left the UN under funded and unable to support its own troops, the main fear now was will the fighting start again.

Reports have been feeding back to the UN high command that even though the EUSF control the slopes of North Wales, the Cambrians have been amassing troops along the coast of the north west of the UK . With ships arriving daily fears have been confirmed that the Cambrian militia are stock piling equipment and men, heavy armour has been spotted via satellite images.

December 2003

The commanders for both factions have not been revealed as yet. The UN will confirm as soon as intelligence has been gathered.

Further massing of supplies and increased shipping has been noted by the coast guard and reported back to the UN that this was Cambrian hardware.

It was now inevitable that the Cambrians wanted and maybe deserved revenge.

This will now be deemed as "Cambrian frontline revenge" the months that follow will be reported as the inevitable build up to another conflict between the superpowers.

January 2004

With Christmas over and the inevitable cold getting a good grip on the troops, the hard line leaders were taking a well deserved break from the pressures on leadership, with the UN analysis of the filming that took place in the big battle of june, they noted that no crimes against humanity were reported.

Massive construction of fortification along the North West coast have been reported and fears that the Cambrians were securing the beach head were coming true.

A new Cambrian leader was voted for as Commander Breen as Commander T-Bag was still in hospital recovering from his injuries sustained in heavy fighting of recent on the Wirral peninsular.

The spy satellite revealed the following images of fortifications along the coast, EUSF troops have started to gather troops and it looks like they are going to try and push these Cambrians further North.

<Construction Evidance>

3rd march 2004

Data intelligence report

From: UN commander codenamed nutz

To: UN intelligence database security code 9962/prk/ eusf & cambrian conflicts

It has been reported today by the intelligence gathering community codenamed swat That a insertion in north Wales (which was believed to be a control zone of the eusf) has been compromised by the cambrian militia, with help from the rangers renegade blockade, approximately 25 acres has been captured and subsequent shelling of the halkyn DMZ has commenced, further reports of the cambrain stockade in Southport north west of the UK has reached its potential with steady supplies of troops and hardware arriving daily.
The contents of this report must be deemed confidential for political reasons
Yours nutz

Update 4/3/04
Despite fears that the eusf were without command due to commander tea-bag being very ill due to a assassination attempt on his life, and the current whereabouts deemed confidential, his replacement has come forth to take control of the leadership, commander rupe of the wolves has vowed that the cambrian rise will not be tolerated, “we will push them back into the sea” is his promise to his troops.

Update 5/3/04
The Rangers being the prodigal sons of the EUSF have been reported to have being seen in private manoeuvres and with liaisons with the Colombian drug cartels, doing so called wet work in southern brazil, a ironing out of the competition was taking shape, with massive financial backing the drug lords have injected them selves into the clash of the EUSF & Cambrians, with a third faction looming in the mist, fears that these elite troops want it all for them selves is realised, even though talks between them and the un have failed, there is always hope, their banner has not been hung as yet, but secret sources quote by saying “ these guys are for real , the come in , do the business, then get the F*** out” a very concerning comment.

Timeline 6/3/2004

It has come to the attention of the UN Command that fears that the Rangers calling themselves Cobalt in the UK are going to be a third faction in the battle that will commence in june, operation blue light was a success and fears that the nuclear capabilities of these elite troops has been confirmed, commander Dowsett leading these troops quoted “we are sorry that the highest bid did not come from the eusf or cambrians, but you gotta go with the money” mercenaries a big yes, to the highest bidder, definitely.

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