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The live entertainment

NO ANGELS who are a local North West band will be performing at this event, the style of music is rock / RnB / a yes they do requests

Background music will be played in the safe zone during the evening beer fest, and BBQ will support the evenings proceedings

Tickets for the BBQ are £5.00 per person


Target shooting for all budding / active snipers will be on 1.00 to enter and the highest score takes the pot of entry money, so get em zero'd in and scope them roundles


The effects of alcohol on a airsoft player
1. Dehydration
2. Can't get outta bed
3. Sooner sleep than play
4. Severe headache
5. Mouth tastes awful
6. The shakes (when adrenalised)
7. being sick

So be warned moderation is the key, or sleep it off, either way have a good weekend J
We would also advise any players drinking from glasses obtain plastic glasses from the safe zone staff, these are free, to avoid any accidents whilst under the influence of alcohol
Empty beer cans and bottles,

Can all players please collect up their empty bottles and cans on the sunday morning, to save a big job for the swat staff

Cheers and have a good party
Paul knaggs
A.k.a. nutz


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