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Safe Zone
The Safe Zone is neutral territory. Players may eat, rest, buy supplies and chat in this area, this can also be used as a dead zone if your legs cant carry you that far.
No firing of guns in the safezone as this is a goggle free area, barrel socks must be on at all times.

When eliminated, all players must put their barrel sock on and go immediately to a dead Zone. They are not allowed to talk to anyone except the Marshals (dead men / women don’t talk), marshals will not give tactical advise or battle status Once at the dead Zone, they must count themselves in for 10 minutes (clocks will be in the dead zones.
Radios must be either switched off or ear pieces removed when in a dead zone Once laving the dead Zone to respawn, players must move directly to a defensive posture, no attacking. Marshals will be watching for offenders

Surrender Rule
Players may at any time chose to surrender rather than be eliminated. It is common practice to call for surrender when one player is close enough to cause a high level of pain to his target. Players that surrender must put their barrel sock on and enter a dead zone, note , overkill will not be tollerated.

Pysical contact
At no time is a player authorized to touch another player.
If a prisoner runs, he may be shot but he cannot EVER be restrained. No form of "hand-to-hand" combat, real or simulated is authorized.

Headshots count as eliminations, but intentional headshots MUST be avoided.
Anyone found to be taking intentional head shots will be removed from play
as a safety hazard.

Ricochets do not count as eliminations, but common sense dictates what a ricochet is. For example, a BB glancing off of a branch while going through a bush is not a ricochet, while a BB striking the ceiling of a building and bouncing down into a player is a ricochet and therefore not an elimination.

Hand, Gun and Equipment Shots
All of these count as eliminations, and players should immediately put their barrel sock on and move to the Safe Zone for reincarnation.

Helmets and Body Armor
While there are no restrictions on these, there are no "in-game" benefits
from wearing such equipment beyond the players' personal comfort and safety.

Radio communication is authorized with use of PM 446's encouraged. Listening in on the opponent's frequency is also authorized, so use of codes is recommended. If you are shot you must not annouce that you are hit, but remove your ear piece or switch off the radio unit, violators will be penalty pointed.

Velocity Limits
All guns are subject to chronographing at any time.
And must not exceed the current legal limits (Actual Law)
Any guns over the LEGAL LIMITS will be removed from play.

A marshals decision is final, if you feel you have been incorrectly judged ask the marshal to call the ultimate judge or site owner, who will access the situation and make a ruling.

It is in the interest of all players not to mess with any pyros that you may find around the games site. All pyros over a mark 5 will be marshal driven, any pyros that are to be used by attending players must advise a member of the swat staff for approval of all devices, this includes smoke.

Any violators of the above rules and you may be expelled from the site, follow the rules and have a good airsoft skirmish.

Fair play
It is in the interest of all airsoft players to admit to being hit, the normal way of doing this is to shout (hit) to avoid a player not overkilling you due to not being able to spot the impact.
Avoid cheating as this affects the mood of the game and the attitude of the day.
If another player is screaming he/she has hit you, it would be a good idea to give the player the benefit of the doubt, as the bbs may have hit your webbing and thus you may not have felt it. Don’t however pray and spray a bush then shout at the other player ive hit you, presuming the massive amount of bb’s must have hit the other player, this is negative play.

Hot guns and chronogrpah
Any guns that exceed the chrono limits can not be used, we will have hi-cap mags that will fit all airsoft guns to use at the chronograph station, the chrono is a new radar type chrono and is a lot more accurate than the previous chrono, the mags that we will be using will contain 0.2g bbs, any gun found hot (over the limits) may be turned down and re-chronographed, all passed guns will be marked with a unique sticker, this includes aeg’s/ sidearms / snipers rifles /springers etc

Target range
The swat target range will be were the chrono is located , all players are invited to use the range when ever they wish during the days play, eye protection must be worn on the range at all times, hop up adjustments etc can be done on the range

Marshal interaction
At any time in the day a marshal may come up to you and tell you that you are dead, reasons, act of god. Snake bite, lightning strike, tree fell on you, respect this as it is part of real life.

Curfew for guns and devices
No guns are permitted to be fired at the camping area and all guns must be stowed away at 9.00pm were the evening entertainment will commence, food and beers and live band and raffle

Any violators of the above rules and you may be expelled from the site, follow the rules and have a good airsoft weekend.

E-MAIL: info@swatairsoft.co.uk
S.W.A.T. AirSoft is a Division of ©S.W.A.T. Paintball Activities Ltd 1992 - 2004
Any problems or compliments e-mail: webmaster@swatbiggame.com