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Zero hour till 2 hours passed battle start time objectives 10.00am to 12am

Mission 1

This is a mission required to be completed any time during the days play, no time limit but you prioritise how you deem fit.

Each team will have a given base, called a command post.
2 objectives pose them selves from the onset, destroy the enemy base by way of detonating a explosive devise inside the base, the devise will require to be trigger with a battery, it is in the interest of each team to defend their base to avoid the enemy from obtaining it's goal.
This base can only be blown once during the day and may be captured
Items that were in the base i/e drugs / guns can be taken back to your own command bunker for points boosting
Successful detonation against the enemy 50 points
Mission 2
This is a mission required to be completed any time during the days play, no time limit but you prioritise how you deem fit
Locate and assassinate the opposing teams leader 50 points
Mission 3
This is a mission required to be completed any time during the days play, no time limit but you prioritise how you deem fit
Cache's of drugs have been scattered all over the area of frontline war zone, estimated to be 100 bags, when coming across these packages secure them and take to your command bunker, caution also were storing these items as they may be taken by the opposing forces if you base is captured
10 points for each bag secured
2 hours now passed move into missions 2-4 hours 12,00pm to 2.00pm
Mission 4
The first lady, this v.i.p. has to be found and taken to a secure location the UN command tent, upon finding the lady you must protect and escort her to the un command tent were a official will take the v.i.p. from you. Your team must act as body guards and may even be required to take hits for the lady, at any point that the lady is shot, she dies and you are penalties 50 points. If the team that is defending the lady is wiped out, the enemy team can take charge of the lady and obtain the points, successful location and transport of the v.i.p.
50 points no physical contact is allowed
Mission 5
Locate the un swat quad which will be transporting the missles back to the command post, caution is required due to the fact the driver was captured by forces unknown, the replacement driver will be sat in the drivers seat, it is you mission to escort the driver back to the un command tent, certain logistical problems will pose themselves upon capturing the vehicle, the driver must not be shot as he is friendly and he will advise the securing troops the problems he was and offer solutions to your troops
100 points for successful transport of the nuclear missiles
Mission 6
This is a mission required to be completed any time during the days play, no time limit but you prioritise how you deem fit
Locate and find the lost missle, this is a sam7 missle and contains a lethal nerve agent, transport the missle back to the un command tent 50 points
Mission 7
At this time of the day , between 12.00pm till 2.00pm a attache case of un money will be airdropped and the location is unknown, if you come across the case keep it safe as you will need the cash later to buy information
2 hours now passed move into missions 4-6 hours 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Mission 8
A downed UN pilot is carrying a case which contains a laptop computer
This computer has a file from the SmartTech corporation in it, you must not kill the pilot but convince him to sell you the laptop information , you will need the attaché case of cash, upon exchange of the money he will allow you to hack the contents of the SmartTech file, were you must then save off the information contained in the file onto a floppy disc, (at this point the pilot is deemed free to go ) you must then transport the disc back to the un command tent for verification on the un main frame, upon authentication , they will give you grid references for buried arms,
100 points awarded upon achievement
4 grid references will be provided, locate the arms and secure the arms in your command bunker
25 points for each weapon

Mission 9
A renegade un soldier is in the midst of the patrolling un troops, this soldier is hostile, and if approached he will react, there is only one renegade so be very careful when approaching the un troops, be polite, offer him cigarettes to see if he's friendly, certainly don't kill friendly un troops, the purpose of probing the un troops is that the renegade soldier is carrying CD-R data discs, you will have to kill him in order to obtain these discs, upon killing and securing the discs you must return them to any un soldier, were you will be granted 50 points, if you kill a un soldier that is not the renegade 100 point penalty is levied
2 hours now passed move into missions 6-8 hours 4.00pm to 6.00pm
Mission 10
Locate and find chief pyro, he is a UN soldier who will be carrying a silver case, in this case are his explosives, you must secure the chief (who is friendly) and escort him to your command bunker.
He will then do a report on what you have drugs / found arms, he will then wire up the stash of items and let your men blow up the cache,
For every bag of drugs 10 points / for every found gun 25 points
Mission 11
3 vials of a nerve agent have been buried by the renegade un soldier before he died, locate any un soldier, bribe him with sweets / cigarettes, if he knows he will give you the grid references, locate the viles and produce at the un command tent at the end of the battle 6.00pm
50 points for each vile

Mission 12
The quad bike has broken down and the fuel is its most valuable cargo, take the fuel and take back to your bunker. 50 points awarded per can
If the fuel drum is shot it explodes killing 10 of your troops

The following grid references for the command posts are as follows
Cambrian B1
Cobalt F3
Cambrian G11
Cobalt (unknown)

At no time is physical contact allowed with any other persons in the war zone, this includes the UN and SWAT staff.
Camping on anticipated zones for mission gazumping will result in the offending soldiers been deemed as K.I.A and must go to a remote dead zone.

All players will be provided with a site map upon booking in, the grid references are accurate to within 100 feet, so when looking for buried items use a search pattern in the designated area.
Also note their will be two UN pilots in the war zone and two laptops as well as two attaché cases of cash.

Please also note some scenarios are time sensitive, leaders must communicate their commands via radio or messengers.
All dead zones are located on a fence in the general area you are playing.
Scores can be viewed on the main score board location safezone
Please note these missions are a emulation of last year with slight changes made to suite frontlines site, this is not easier than halkyn but harder due to the fact water is involved.

E-MAIL: info@swatairsoft.co.uk
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Any problems or compliments e-mail: webmaster@swatbiggame.com