Airsoft intel:

Many people do not know what airsoft is,

They say what’s airsoft??

Trying to not explain it’s a bunch of nutter's running around in the woods with replica guns stirs up all sorts of mental images, unfortunate as airsoft is still in its infancy we all make the same comment (its similar to paintball!!)

Then generally they accept the fact and as most people have took the time to play paintball relate to the mental images they have on their paintball experiences.

Now the fact that airsoft vaguely connects to airsoft is a damm shame,

S.W.A.T. Has been operating airsoft since 2001 and has as some have put it being the founding father’s of the state and temperament of airsoft thus far, even though a rocky path s.w.a.t. Had chosen to take, made other's think and expand the way airsoft should be presented.

To further add to this presentation this section is designed to show in layman’s terms what airsoft is to the total novice, and i am sure once you have researched this section, it will make your mind up to play the gentlemen’s sport which requires a bit more skill and commitment than your average paintball experience.

the sections to the right will explain what each term in airsoft relates to and will be specific to the sport of airsoft skirmishing and mil sim gaming: