P.A.S.S. stands for player approval system s.w.a.t.

This system has been developed by s.w.a.t. to allow players that wish to get into airsoft as a hobby, the methods for buying their own R.I.F. (replica imitation firearm)
Changes to the law in 2007 required that all players existing + new players wishing to partake in airsoft activities must be registered with a bonified airsoft venue.
This venue must be responsible to hold a register of players and monitor the player’s membership.
The venue must also carry full paid up civil liability insurance.
s.w.a.t. developed there own in house system due to the fact current UK based nation systems are flawed and out of date.
By visiting our pass web site it explains how this is achieved for players to make the migration to newbie to fully fledged members. Membership is free for all new players:

Please click the P.A.S.S. logo to visit the web: