Our venue:

All games arena’s are constructed with the finest most rustic material available today, this includes log forts, hey bales, log barricades, to remove the emphasis of players shooting tree’s even though paintballs are benign in nature the format of base driven games continues, no structures are nailed to avoid potential hazard’s but are cross bolted and screws used to support cladding, then all bases are treated against rot with a biologically friendly stain. These bases are then dressed with camouflage netting to add atmosphere.

the safezone is an area were players arrive and book in, it also serves as a place to rest and get cover if the weather is bad, this area also houses ample becjes for players to work on their airsoft guns, as well as hosting a modern ultra clean kitchen were we prepair and cook the food players will enjoy on the day, not all airsoft venues have such safezone, but at swat we feel that clients deserve the best service possible:

we have dedicated seating for over 100 players as well as a area were parents or guardians can watch the games whilst enjoying a free cup of tea or coffee or if players just want to chill and chat with friends:

the area is dressed in washed stone and cleansed of litter daily, all seating is protected using an environmentally safe wood stain and is shrowded by atmospheric cammoflauge netting: