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Tokyo Marui produces the world most famous assault rifle in fine detail. Featuring high performance gearbox with EG700 motor and superb exterior finish giving realistic appearance for this automatic electric gun. Many third world country armies, criminals, guerrillas and other “bad guys”, notoriously use the AK47. However, it's simple design and ruggedness gives it appeal that few others can reach. Going to airsoft game or event is easy with this Marui electric gun as almost any outfit is compatible with this legendary assault rifle.

Among the players Tokyo Marui AK47 has reputation for good reliability and accuracy in stock condition. Accuracy and range can be further improved by adding one of our upgrades.

Lenght: 870mm
Weight: 2,900g(w/battery)
Inner barrel lenght:: 455mm
Magazine capacity: 70 BB
Muzzle velocity: 90m/s w/0.12g BB
Rate of fire: 750-850 BB/M               

G36C assault rifle:

Tokyo Marui G36C Automatic Electric Gun
Military forces and law enforcement in Europe and USA are currently using the real Heckler & Koch G36C. The H&K G36C is increasing in popularity and will soon be a one of the leading military & law enforcement assault rifles -such is the design and quality prowess of H&K. So, not surprisingly Tokyo Marui has taken over the project to make G36 as electric airsoft gun.

Featuring solid construction and extreme attention to detail once again, this Tokyo Marui AEG appears to maintain the high quality standards of what we have learned to see from Tokyo Marui.

The main features of the Tokyo Marui G36C are long mount rail in form of flat top carrying handle, heavy duty metal inner frame, folding stock with rubber butt plate, flip type rear sight, protected front sight, short 4 prong flash hider, under mount rail for lights and grips, 5.56mm(.223) magazines with replica rounds (same ones that were so popular in P90 magazines) and EG1000 motor.

M4A1 - assault rilfe:

Tokyo Marui M4A1 Carbine Automatic Electric Gun (2006 version)
Updated 2006 production version.
Tthe long awaited M4A1 was a terrific hit when it was first released in 1998. What made Tokyo Marui to release M4A1 Carbine was the initial success of custom built M4A1 electric guns (made by likes of Killer Studio and Systema).

The success of M4A1 has continued with the ever increasing popularity of US special forces and SOCOM equipment not mentioning the increasing array of various custom parts and kits that are available for M4 variants. Since the original M4 Tokyo Marui has released R.A.S. and SR-16 versions as well.